Graduated with a degree in directing from Accademia Nazionale d'arte drammatica Silvio d'Amico in 2013.


LINEE LIBERE: Founder – Present Occupation

The mission of Linee Libere is based on the tought that the theatre is a nutriment of the body, the mind and the spirit. It’s an opportunity to research a point of contact, a sincere and necessary dialog between each component of the artistic and cultural projects that the company does: actor, collaborator, spectator, association, community.



  • From 2010:  Studied theatre directing with the actor and master Giulio Farnese

  • In 2014: Attained degree in directing at Accademia Nazionale d’arte drammatica Silvio d’Amico with the performance “Il re muore” by E. Ionesco

  • 27th of February 2015: Founded the cultural association - independent theatre company LINEE LIBERE with which have been realized artistic and cultural projects which focus on the pedagogical/social scope. From 2015 Irene has directed some theatre performances curated by Linee Libere or as a request of external clients such as La Biennale Musica.

  • 2013/2016: Worked with Antonio Latella as assistant director. Here she had the chance to develop the competences regarding the organizing/managing scope and regarding the capacity to build relationships with collaborators, technicians and artistic staff. She worked as assistant director in the following performances: “Natale in Casa Cupiello” (Teatro di Roma 2014-2016); “Faust Diesis” (ANAD/Stabilemobile 2014); “Il Servitore di Due Padroni” (ERT, Fondazione Teatro Metastasio di Prato, Teatro Stabile del Veneto 2013)

  • 2015/2016: Studied with theatre Master Eugenio Barba in the following workshops: "Esercitazione pratica sullo sviluppo del montaggio"; ISTA XV Edizione - INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF THEATRE ANTHROPOLOGY; Odin Week Festival; Masterclass sulla regia.

  • 2016: Attended the workshop “Site specific and sound acoustic voice” with the dancer and pedagogist Charlotte MunksØ and her scholar Ditlev Brinth, where she had the opportunity to adapt the performance work in different contests as: squares/piazze, streets, castles, theatres, courtyards, estates, little shops, etc.) During this workshop she understood how to study the different spaces in which to work; analyzing the characteristics with site-specific techniques.

  • 2018: Organized the workshop directed by the Master Enrico Bonavera, “La commedia dell’arte nei Pagliacci”, opened to the worker group of the show “PAGLIACCI” directed by Irene Di Lelio - Castello Bonaccorsi in Sabina (RI)

  • 2018: As an assistant she curated  the preparation of the interactive exibition “PINOCCHIO NEL PAESE DEI DIRITTI” - written and directed by the poet Benedetto Tudino, sponsored by the Cadoneghe Municipality, Councilor for social policies in cooperation with UNICEF Padova and the Cultural Association Rinoceronte Incatenato

  • 2019-2020: Currently organizing, with her theatre company Linee Libere, the next session of ISTA – INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF THEATRE ANTHROPOLOGY founded and directed by the Master Eugenio Barba. The school was founded in 1979 and it receives masters and participants from all over the world. Attending the school is an opportunity to approach different theatrical, musical and dance techniques from their philosophies of art in an intercultural dimension.

  • 2020: Opened a CULTURAL RESEARCH SPACE as a work base of the company Linee Libere in Poggio Mirteto (RI)


  • “The Patient Souls of Knights Errant” written and directed by Irene Di Lelio – final project to Biennale College Teatro directors under 30 -Teatro delle Tese, July 2019

  • “La Beatrice” written and directed by Irene Di Lelio, born by the cooperation between the Ambulatorio di medicina integrata dell’ospedale di Ortona and Linee Libere – co-produced by: ASL2 Lanciano Chieti Vasto; ISA il tuo benessere al centro; Università degli studi G. D’Annunzio; Linee Libere. The text of the play is based on the interviews of 8 women affected by cancer. The project was showcased at: Palazzo Farnese di Ortona, Castello Colonna di Genazzano, Teatro Comunale di Orsogna, Aurum di Pescara, Erboristeria Gallus di Poggio Mirteto, Teatro di Documenti di Roma, MACRO Asilo of Roma.

  • “Artist’s Proposal” based on the “Wedding proposal” by A. Čechov – a site-specific performance which talks about theatre from the point of view of a young independent company. It was showcased in 2019 at: Piazza di Castel S. Pietro (RI), Castello Colonna of Genazzano, Tenuta Caira BioLab of Villa Latina, Borgo Festival di Fiano Romano, Le Blanc Nuit in the photography exhibition of the photographer Margherita Muriti in Venezia

  • "Recine Heart", show-tale by Sara Calvario for children –  2018: Festival delle Storie alla Tenuta Caira Biolab (FR); Semi’n’aria (RM); Istituto comprensivo di Ferentino (FR); Notte bianca di Recanati organized by What’s Art.

  • "Tristrofa" operetta by Elisa Corpolongo and Ilaria Diotallevi – premiere: Biennale College Musica 7 October 2018 Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Venezia

  • "El Sueno de Dalì en una Noche de Picasso" operetta by Ignacio e Jorge Ferrando – debutto: Biennale College Musica 7 October 2018 Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Venezia

  • "La Cantatrice Chauve" by E. Ionesco – artistic residency at Castello Colonna of Genazzano July/August 2018. A show that analyzes, ironically, the complex aspect of adaptation to the behavioral "laws" of contemporary society. It was one of the first theatrical texts written by Ionesco that highlights the absurdity of human behavior and the complexity of man's survival capacity in society

  • "The Contrabass " by Patrick Suskind, produced by Festival Piana Del Cavaliere - premiere: 14th of July 2018 Festival Piana Del Cavaliere of Pereto.

  • “Pagliacci” by Irene Di Lelio, Sara Calvario, Talisa Viola, from the lirical opera by R. Leoncavallo, artistic residency and premiere at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium of Holstebro (Denmark)– dates 2018: Castello Colonna of Genazzano (RM); Cappella Lauretana of Esperia; Festival Piana del Cavaliere; Recanati Art Festival; Borgo Festival of Fiano Romano; Piazza Italia of Esperia.

  • “Peter Pan” based on the play by J. M. Barrie, for children, artistic residency in Casagreca (TE) – dates 2018: Teatro Argot Studio (RM), Sala Molloy (RM); Castello Bonaccorsi in Sabina (RI); Cappella Lauretana of Esperia (FR); Teatro Odeon (RC); Matinèe at the school IC della Bassa Sabina (RI), l’IC Giorgi Scuola secondaria di I grado di Valmontone (RM) e l’IC of Esperia.

  • “Rapunzel and the Moon”, a site-specific performance for children, from the tales written by the Grimm Brothers – dates 2017: Lions Day (Norcia); San Vito Chietino (CH); Montasola (RI).

  • “DOMINO Project”, born by the cooperation between Irene Di Lelio and the director Manuel Capraro. Irene Di Lelio directed: “Rhinoceros” by Ionesco and “The Lover” by Harold Pinter - dates: Teatro Odeon (RC) 2017; performance of site specific at IT Festival (Milano) 2017; Teatro India of Roma – cooperation between DOMINO Project and DASS – Sapienza University of Roma, 2016;  Teatro Potlach (RI); Teatro di Sacco (PG), 2016; Teatro Elfo Puccini (MI), 2015.

  • “DOMINO – Analysis of the dramaturgy of the text, of the actor and of the stage – creative and compositive process of a performance”, seminar at DASS-Sapienza University of Rome (October-December 2016)


[...] Ci siamo trovati nel vuoto ed abbiamo dovuto compiere le nostre acrobazie senza rete di protezione. Abbiamo insomma dovuto “riinventare” dentro di noi qualcosa, al di là della cultura e della storia. In questa fatica ci ha sorretto una vena sotterranea che credevamo quasi estinta per sempre: un abbandono italico al ritmo, all’invenzione immediata, al gesto mimico, all’iperbole dell’immagine, insieme a un classico rigore – e sono rifluiti in noi antichi umori che non si erano perduti, attraverso le generazioni teatrali [...] - Giorgio Strehler


I never believed in one single truth.  Be it mine or that of the others.  I believe that all schools, all theories can be useful in a certain place, at a given time.  But I believe that one can only live by passionately and absolutely adhering to one viewpoint.  However, with the passage of time, as we change, as the world changes, aims vary and point of view moves.  If I look at the essays I wrote, the ideas I voiced in different places, something becomes obvious: a certain continuity.  If a point of view is to be of any use, one must give oneself to it totally, one must defend it to death.  And yet, at the same time, a little interior voice whispers to me: "hold on tightly, let go lightly". - Peter Brook

Immaginati due tribù che sono molto diverse e che si incontrano sulle rive opposte di un fiume: ogni tribù può vivere per se stessa, può parlare dell’altra tribù, forse dirne male o elogiarla. Ma ogni volta che uno rema da una riva all’altra scambia qualcosa. Uno non passa il fiume per far ricerche etnografiche, per vedere come gli altri vivono, ma per dare qualcosa e ricevere qualcosa in cambio: un pugno di sale per un braccio di stoffa, una manciata di perline per un arco e due frecce. Ma un patrimonio culturale si può barattare? - Eugenio Barba

Finché c'è Teatro, c'è Speranza - Piergiorgio Giacchè