As the director of LINEE LIBERE, an Independent Company of young professionals under 35 - active from 2015 - I believe that it is fundamental to do an International School of Theatre Anthropology (ISTA) session in these days and in this age. 

​It is fundamental because in order to measure ourselves up to the energy, and to the conscious technique of the work of an ISTA, is an experience that could change our lives.

It changed mine.

It changed my point of view and my perception of the artistic work that I do. It also changed my sensitivity in whatching the practice, the philosophy and the approach to professional life that international actors and human beings (who come from different cultures) have.

​It was fundamental for my personal artistic process to meet Eugenio Barba and the Odin Teatret Company. It was an occasion to discover a different approach to my job and allowed me to have a major consciousness and possibility to get better into life and art.

I experimented that Art could become a deep possibility of sharing, of bartering the differences between people. It could be a means to enter into contact with the entire population; bringing Theatre where Theatre is lacking.

Odin Teatret did it through the creation of street performances and performances in which there is a great dialog between different verbal languages and stage languages.

For us, as young professionals who try to sharpen weapons for this world of theatre, the Odin Teatret’s actors’ work demonstrations and my partecipation at ISTA were fundamental.

The ISTA experience was the discovery of a place of meeting, study and analysis of a theatrical knowledge through the teachings  of actors and dancers from many different cultures and traditions. The ISTA allows us to discover our strengths as young professionals of theatre; to act and to “move something” in an historical period in which hate, racism and fear of ethnic differences are much more amplified.

It seconds the notion that as human beings, we have the wealth and capacity to open ourselves up to different ways of life and thought. It allows us to be inspired by different techniques and traditions (quite unknown here in Italy).

This is an opportunity that we couldn’t have through the majority of theatrical sectors that are recognised in our societies.

I am writing this appeal to the Italian young professionals of theatre because I am organizing a session of ISTA in Italy. I want to realize this necessity with my collaborators of LINEE LIBERE with whom I sustain an idea of Art that is far from what is promoted and “told” by the recognised theatrical system.

But I want to talk also to young professionals who are living in my same conditions and feel the necessity to act and react.

We are the new generation of Italian theatre professionals. We have to unite for the same cause which is fundamental for our personal artistic interests.

It’s our turn to sensitize people and to allow them to find the motivation and the experiences which are different from the thoughts that are changing our sense of sociability.

Let us help each other to sustain the exchange of artistic ideals and continue to nurture technical growth.

It is enought to think that nothing is impossible.

We have to insist on the motivation that brings us to do Theatre, on the motivation that brought us to ​choose it, persisting with sacrifice in the work that we love.

​You can support LINEE LIBERE by helping to realize ISTA and promote the idea that the Theatre needs to:

  • Extend the technique knowledge, integrating new European and extra-European models;

  • Breath different life philosophy and different approaches to art through a transcultural dimention;

  • Allow the youth to discover that it is possible to live doing Theatre and that it helps people to live better;

  • Think that a project which could have a global resonance, like ISTA, could open the eyes of many people, starting from Italy.

This appeal is a request for economical support for:

  • The Theatre Groups and to young professionals who survive day by day working a hard job (that many people sometimes suggest that  we leave and/or change)

  • Cultural Associations which want to work on the integration of new cultures

  • Artistic Collectives which support the idea of team work and consider cooperation essential; to bring even just a bucket of water to build a new source

  • To those who follow the work of Eugenio Barba and of the Odin Teatret’s actors who for 50 years demonstrating to all of us that this source exists

  • To those who think that to realize a session of ISTA in Italy is an opportunity and an erichnment to the artistic knowledge and cultural opening for all of us, due to the differences between other kinds of projects.

As all initiatives, it’s necessary to start from the first bucket of water to build a new source.

I am full of faith.




Irene Di Lelio

Director of Linee Libere - Independent Theatre Company

The 16th session of ISTA has been postponed to August 2021 due to the Coronavirus situation.



[...] Ci siamo trovati nel vuoto ed abbiamo dovuto compiere le nostre acrobazie senza rete di protezione. Abbiamo insomma dovuto “riinventare” dentro di noi qualcosa, al di là della cultura e della storia. In questa fatica ci ha sorretto una vena sotterranea che credevamo quasi estinta per sempre: un abbandono italico al ritmo, all’invenzione immediata, al gesto mimico, all’iperbole dell’immagine, insieme a un classico rigore – e sono rifluiti in noi antichi umori che non si erano perduti, attraverso le generazioni teatrali [...] - Giorgio Strehler


I never believed in one single truth.  Be it mine or that of the others.  I believe that all schools, all theories can be useful in a certain place, at a given time.  But I believe that one can only live by passionately and absolutely adhering to one viewpoint.  However, with the passage of time, as we change, as the world changes, aims vary and point of view moves.  If I look at the essays I wrote, the ideas I voiced in different places, something becomes obvious: a certain continuity.  If a point of view is to be of any use, one must give oneself to it totally, one must defend it to death.  And yet, at the same time, a little interior voice whispers to me: "hold on tightly, let go lightly". - Peter Brook

Immaginati due tribù che sono molto diverse e che si incontrano sulle rive opposte di un fiume: ogni tribù può vivere per se stessa, può parlare dell’altra tribù, forse dirne male o elogiarla. Ma ogni volta che uno rema da una riva all’altra scambia qualcosa. Uno non passa il fiume per far ricerche etnografiche, per vedere come gli altri vivono, ma per dare qualcosa e ricevere qualcosa in cambio: un pugno di sale per un braccio di stoffa, una manciata di perline per un arco e due frecce. Ma un patrimonio culturale si può barattare? - Eugenio Barba

Finché c'è Teatro, c'è Speranza - Piergiorgio Giacchè